Sample Oak Records

Sample Oak Records

Sample Oak Records Says Goodbyeee!

It's been fun while it lasted! Thanks for your support over the past 2 years, we hope you enjoyed the music! As for us, its time to move onto new things!

Bath Aide - Soft Wars

As one last goodbye we bring you S-OAK005 - Bath Aide's excellent 'Soft Wars' LP. We'd been meaning to release this for ages, so now we do - and the legend that he is - he has let us release it for free!!!

Download your copy of soft wars on MP3 here - Bath Aide - Soft Wars [S-OAK005]

Old site still active...

You can enter our old website - where we are still selling what remains in stock on CD - as well as all releases as digital FLAC copies. This includes all our catalogue of releases, S-OAK 001 - Sampler Oak (FLAC ONLY), S-OAK 002 2ndMouse - Armful of opposite lock, S-OAK 004 - The Ambient Society - Polygon Lunasol. (S-OAK003 was discontinued and is now availble direct from 2ndmouse see 2ndmouse Blog)

Peace and love to all, we'll see you around ;)